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Friday, December 07, 2007

(15) Our family traditions

We don't have many traditions in our family, but the ones we do have are good ones!

First tradition is our ornament exchange
My Mom, Carli, Keslee, and me each get each other one new ornament each year and we open them on Thanksgiving day. It's a fun way to get excited about the holidays! Here are the one's I got for them this year.

Second is our Christmas eve gift
I know a lot of people do this one but I just love it! We get to open one present on Christmas eve and it's always pajamas, and usually really cute ones. One year not too long ago my mom called me and asked for all my measurements. I had no idea what she was buying. But after I opened my pajamas that year she informed me that she sent my dad to the Gap and made him measure the pajamas so they would be sure to fit. I will never forget it, they put so much effort into those pj's! thanks Mom and Dad!

Third is Christmas breakfast
I always look so froward to eating after I have opened all my gifts because Miss. Nancy makes one seriously good Christmas breakfast! We have waffles with caramel syrup covered in strawberries and whipping cream and usually bacon too. Oh man is it good! Watch for the recipe posted in a couple days!


Kass Martin said...

I was too late for the giveaway. I have been a little lazy in my blogging and that's what I get. I love traditions.My family has a lot and we have started our own. It's so great. Here are a couple. We started doing Gingerbread houses on the first of December. We also go caroling, do a Christmas program at a rest home with my dad... It's usually on Christmas Eve but as we are getting older and have other families we have had to get more flexible on that. This year it's on the 20th. I can't wait. They love it and you can see the light in their eyes as they sing along to Christmas carols bringing back memories of wonderful Christmases in the past. I remember having to go around to shake everyone's hands that was there, I was scared to when I was young but it taught me good lessons about love. We also do the pjs on Christmas Eve. I didn't always do it growing up but I love it. I spend too much time trying to find the perfect jammies for my kids. I love it though.

Carli said...

I cannot wait for us to do all of these things again. Preston and Keslee made a gingerbread house last night, actually Preston wanted Keslee to make it and him eat all of the candy before it got put onto the house! We need to start some more fun traditions now that we have kids. Cannot wait to see you next week!