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Thursday, November 29, 2007

(7) Top it off

Want to top your gifts with fabulous (Hand made) bows this year? I learned this ribbon trick at The Container Store. I have used it for all occasions and it looks so cute with pretty much any ribbon, I think wire ribbon works best.
Here we go:

1. You will need 3 yards of ribbon (I measure from my mouth to my fingers with my arm stretched out) and 3 inches of wire.
2. Using a small notepad, CD case, or book wrap ribbon around to make one big ribbon circle.

3. Remove ribbon and hold in middle.
4. Using scissors you will clip the corners on both sides of ribbon, You don't want to cut too deep or the cuts will show when finished.

5. Switch clipped corners to middle, and secure tightly with wire.

6. Create bow by pulling one loop towards you and one loop away from you. Then use left over wire to hook ribbon to box! I hope these directions aren't too confusing! Good luck!


The LeRoy's said...

that really is pretty. I am impressed chels.... I am going to try that out! Hope it looks as great as yours.

Carli said...

WOW! I sure hope that all of the gifts you give me have these pretty bows on them!!! I will have to try it!

Tanya Kimball said...

So cute! I'll have to try it! Thanks for the tutorial!