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Friday, November 23, 2007

(1) Here we go

Here we go. 25 days of Christmas ideas, gifts, hints, traditions, decorating tips, where and how to's etc. I hope some of these ideas or items will be new to you and help you out this holiday season!

"Sock it to 'em"
In this months edition of Blueprint magazine (which is by far my favorite home magazine) they came up with this darling idea and I am going to pass it on to you. Instead of stuffing a stocking that you only see once a year for Christmas, stuff a pair of long socks they can wear under their boots on a really cold, snowy day! How cute are these socks? Find them at Free People.


Hayley Anderson Photography said...

VERY cute... I look forward to checking in everyday! You've inherited your mom's genes for sure. That woman is SO creative.

Sariah said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea!! We do new stockings every year and I love this idea! So unique, creative and fun! Thanks for the idea and I can't wait to see what else you've got!

Carli said...

I love those socks! Do they make them for fat girl legs like mine? You know how i love my socks!!!

Lynn said...

my family always uses socks instead of stockings, i always used my dads rugby socks cause they were the longest, but they wern't as cute, or as sanitary, as these :)