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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Miss Nancy and Uncle Doug go tanning

So Dave and I are going to Utah on Saturday to babysit Deej and Kes while my parents take a luxurious trip to Cabo. So in preparation....both my parents go tanning now! They said they go quite often for that 8 minute tan and usually they run in at 9:28 when the store closes at 9:30. It just puts the funniest picture in my head! Guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do, can't wait to arrive in Utah to check out those fabulous tans!


Carli said...

I forgot they were doing that. Dad will have to spend some time in that tanning bed so his body can catch up to his dark arms and face he already has. Hopefully they do not get scorched in Cabo!

Barb said...

ha! That is what blogs are for, embarrasing parents:) We will stop by your parents place sometime next week to see you guys.

Emily Brimhall said...

ah, Doug will no longer be able to say he's a redneck :) He'll be a tan neck. That puts a funnny picture in my head too. Believe it or not my parents did that too, once a loooong time ago, before a trip to mexico.