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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another project in the making...

I can't wait to have this little diva witch hanging on my wall this Halloween! She is almost all complete, her purse still needs a handle and the spider hanging from her hat needs his legs! You still have yet to see her fabulous wardrobe, coming soon around the edges! Dave and I stayed up until 1:00am last night working on the letters, Dave did all the lettering! He has good hand writing so I asked him for help and...he did such a good job! He really puts up with all my craftiness pretty well. Yesterday I was up stairs and I heard a "Ahhhhh shoot" from downstairs. I ran down to see what happened and he said "This happened" and pointed to his toe which had a sewing needle sticking out of it! I couldn't help it, I started laughing so hard. But because I was laughing he luckily started laughing too, it was seriously funny, and then I pulled the needle out. Oops! I guess I need to keep better track of where I am leaving (Dropping) things!


Tip Junkie said...

Great job! I love wall quilts as well. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. Your man does have good handwriting.

Mique said...

found your blog through Laurie & Kelly...hope it's ok to say hi!
Super cute project...can't wait to see the finished project.
have a great day!

Chad and Margaret Olson said...

You are so crafty! How did you learn to quilt and do all you do? I wish I lived by you so I could become your quilting apprentice! what a cute witch and what a nice husband you have!