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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meet Reece Johnson!

Reece was born on June 23, 2007 to Sean, carli and Preston Johnson. Weighing 8lbs 11oz. He is so cute! Dave and I were on our way to Utah when he was born, so we got to see him when he was about 3 hours old. He has lots of dark hair, chubby cheeks and juicy little lips! He is the third grandson in the family, all these boys are going to be such good buddies! We are so happy he is here!


Kelly said...

makes noah look huge huh?

Barb said...

he's darling. What a big boy too! We have boys galore in our fam too. We are up too 11 nephews and only 2 neices in the Hall fam.

hayleyrowan said...

Chels, it's Hayley (Tucker). I found your blog through Lindsey Fish. Your son is so adorable. You look so good and happy! Carli's baby is so sweet too. How's Kesley probably growing as fast as Chloe. It's crazy!

Lindsey said...

Hey Chels~ So glad you found my blog. I love to have new blogging friends! What a cute little family you have! Do you LOVE So Cal? We are really enjoying No Cal. Anyway, good to hear from you, I'll be a frequent browser now! :)

camille said...

Hey chelsey
I saw your name on the leyroys and got excited to see the little guy.
Wow He is adorable and you went blond its so cute.
I am so glad your happy. Being a mom is so fun. Well keep in touch.

Brooke&Blake said...

He's so sweet! Tell Carli congrats! That's my Tyler's b-day! Yea!