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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The beach

We went to the beach Saturday night! So much fun! We ate pizza and breadsticks and froze our little bums off! We only stayed for 40 minutes because it was so cold. But it was so beautiful watching the sun go down. We love living so close to the beach!


Brooke&Blake said...

So the other day I heard this song called "orange county" on the radio. I bet you've heard it...but I totally thought of you! I love visiting CA and am jealous you actually live there! This is random, but I decided that I really like your hair that way. It reminds me of the good 'ol days in high school. I think it's my favorite color/style on you!:)

marta said...

oh my goodness, hi chelsey!!! i discovered you through kelly!

and lookie, you have a new little cutie pie. i can't believe it and i just love the name noah!!! congrats and i am so happy to find your lovely little blog. i miss your pretty face.