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Saturday, June 09, 2007

About the video of the cat

Ok. I am so tired of cat hair all over my clothes, my couch....just everywhere. So I decided to get him shaved! Plus I'm sure he will feel alot cooler this summer! One thing you should know is Meaty HATES the vet, and I mean he Hates it. I dropped him off for the day and he was ok when I left, but the groomer told me it just went downhil from there. She said he was trying to get her when she opened the box, hissing and swatting at her. She said it took 3 people to hold him down, and finally they sedated him. Dave and I went back to pick him up around 5:30 and you could hear them taking him out of the kennel. He was screaming SO loud! It was so funny! He is such a stinker! We got him home and he was so grumpy! We couln't go near him. He was still drugged up, tipping over and running into things. So the video (At the top right of the screen) proves what a crazy day he had! He scared the crap out of Noah...or it could have been me screaming that scared him! Watch the whole video, the action is at the very end!


Barbara Catron said...

That is the funniest video. I love how there is this calming baby music in the background with a nice calm kitty & then all of a sudden he goes nutty on you. Your baby looks EXACTLY like your husband. He such charmer for the camera, how cute.

Christopher said...

That was AWESOME!! I bet you could win something on America's Funniest Home Videos if you submitted it.